Thursday, April 6, 2017

More Spring thinking

It's a gorgeous day. 
I should probably plant my sweet peas, 
but I went out and shovelled over my compost pile instead. 
Earliest I've ever been able to do that!

And while I was shovelling,
 I was joined by two lovely little dancers,
 also known as Fire-rim Tortoise Shell butterflies. 
They are among the earliest to appear in Alberta's spring, 
and it seems to be mating season for them.

My camera and I found many things in which I take delight -- 
among them the return of garlic chives,

the survival of the strawberry patch 
in spite of rather poor snow cover this winter,

and my own gardening fingers...

(one of these years I'll figure out a way
to keep the dirt out of my garden gloves!)
But what I'm anticipating most 
are some new residents in my bird house.
They even have their own bath.

Can you tell how much I love spring?

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