Monday, October 17, 2016

Returning to winter

When I was in Taizé, my hubby texted me 
on October 2nd and told me that it was snowing. 
So I wasn't exactly surprised to return to this on Saturday morning:


All this snow so early doesn't make me very happy
because there are still things I needed to do in the garden.
But what can I do about it? Laugh and shake my head.
Especially since Suzanna did a wonderful job of keeping 
the tomatoes in the greenhouse happy.

Lee and Suzanna also did a wonderful job of digging 120 lbs of carrots
in a Friday night snowstorm, and everyone worked together to wash 
and bag them on Saturday. A million thanks to my family for all their effort!

I'm hoping that it will warm up enough for me to clean out
the raised beds this week and finish up the compost pile for winter, 
but if not, there's always next spring, sigh. 
It seems so far away, but time passes quickly
(though this might be a long winter...)
In the meantime, we'll enjoy our carrots!

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