Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Writing hard

So I had good intentions to moodle today, but I got busy working on my actual work. You see, I'm still supposed to be writing the 42-year-history of L'Arche Edmonton, and quite often I find myself lost in moodling instead. But today... I got lost in L'Arche history, and made some real progress. And I really want to get it finished, so that perhaps I can share some of it (with the community's permission, of course) because there are some really amazing stories in our past. I wrote hard today for L'Arche, and wrestled words all day yesterday, too, for my ecumenical efforts (I'll tell more about that soon), so tonight I'm not exactly very inspired after two almost full days staring at this screen.

Perhaps my need to moodle here is becoming passe, because lately I'm finding all sorts of other ways and places to moodle. Never fear, I'll keep you in the loop.

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