Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Simple Suggestion #279... Offer constructive input

How much trash do you set out for collectors each week?

I suspect that's a question that a lot of people can't really answer, simply because we have fairly efficient waste management systems in North America. We throw something out, and it goes away, so we generally don't have to deal with a buildup of trash. But how would life change if we had to take more personal responsibility to get rid of our own garbage?

I ask these questions because Edmonton is currently reassessing how to handle its recycling and waste. China is no longer a market for our plastics, the Edmonton Waste Management composting facility is in need of roof repairs, and plans to divert 90% of Edmontonians' waste from the landfill have never quite reached the mark. All of these issues seemed to converge in the past year, bringing attention to the fact we can do better in dealing with our trash.

So the City is offering Edmontonians an opportunity to think outside the box and offer input on how our garbage is handled. Those already in the know reduce their waste by recycling, grasscycling, composting, shopping in ways that reduce packaging waste... and the list goes on. But what should we do about the waste that we can't seem to reduce, reuse or recycle?

There are a few different ways to offer constructive input regarding this issue. The City will be hosting a series of drop-in public engagement sessions where Edmontonians can discuss options. Click here for a list of opportunities to participate. There's also an online survey for those who can't make it to the sessions. And there's a waste calculator to help Edmontonians give some thought to the waste we do create, and how much energy and human effort it takes to get rid of it. I'm hoping that this whole exercise will bring some awareness to ways that we can reduce our waste and the impact that it is having on our neighbourhoods and our world.

This is just one issue where we can offer practical and constructive input from our personal experience. There are many more. We need to speak up about things that matter to us, whatever they may be, and take every opportunity to make our world a better place.

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