Thursday, October 2, 2014

What's happened in the last 75 years?

We've had 13 Prime Ministers of Canada, sent soldiers to seven wars, and seen seven popes. There have been thousands of inventions, like helicopters, computers, frisbees, bikinis, microwave ovens, rock 'n' roll, cellphones, and artifical human body parts, just to name a few. I was going to make a long list of what's gone on in the last 75 years, but summarizing life since 1939 is just too daunting!

The world has changed in a million ways, but there's been a warm and loving constant in this corner of the world -- a man celebrating his 75th birthday today who has survived and thrived through it all. Here's a picture of him making his little ones laugh, not quite 50 years ago.

We love you!

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