Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The song that's stuck in my head

Meghan Trainor's little ditty won't leave me alone. It was in my head already as I climbed out of bed this morning! I love its message, "every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top," no matter your body shape. I hope everyone in the world has heard this little musical lesson by now, but I'm posting it here in case my regular readers haven't yet.

I haven't always loved my body, and as a result, I'm afraid I've been one of those moms who has tried to steer her girls in certain directions because I know the guilt feelings that come with carrying too much weight as a teen. And so my own anxiety about weight has been passed along to my daughters, who fortunately have named the issue as one "belonging to Mom" and are dealing with self image on their own terms -- in a better way than I ever did -- with the help of positive body image messages like the one below. (For the record, it's not about what boys like, or what anyone else thinks -- it's about feeling good about yourself from the bottom to the top, period.)

Fat shaming happens too much in our culture -- and in our own lives and heads. But here's a start to stopping the cycle... and it's a bit of an ear worm, too. I get a charge out of how it makes fun of Barbie images and colours. Dance around the room if you like, and enjoy!

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