Thursday, September 25, 2014

Simple Suggestion #213... Appreciate your present season

Okay, I'll admit it... some seasons are easier to appreciate than others.

These two pictures were taken in the same place only a week apart.
Isn't Autumn something else??

But if you really think about it, every season has its amazement, its miracle.
The snowflakes that will be fluttering to the ground in the Winter ahead, 
when we appreciate warm and cozy places,
the pointed shoots, leaves and buds of Spring 
when we rejoice in the newness of life,
the long, sunny days of Summer, 
when we find moments of rest and relaxation as life grows ...
and now, Autumn's changeability as nature diminishes.

As human beings, we have a tendency to dislike change. 
But part of being human is learning appreciation for all that we receive,
and we receive four seasons a year through our senses. 
Instead of complaining about them 
and their "unseasonable" moments, 
we live happier lives when we can embrace them.
As my grandma Dorothea often said, 
"I could complain, but what good does that do?"

So today's suggestion is one that we can take literally and figuratively.
The earth's seasons have many things for us to enjoy
if only we choose to notice them.
And our life's seasons are the same.
The Spring of my daughters' youthfulness fills me 
with a different kind of joy  
than the late Summer of my soul's stretching 
and the Autumn of my parents' wisdom.

And there are often Spring and Summer-like days in the midst of any season
(for those of us who find Winter harder to appreciate).

For the moment, I'm appreciating Autumn for all I'm worth!

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