Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Simple Suggestion #143 -- Revisited -- Give a thought to your garbage guys and gals

Today is garbage day in my neighbourhood. On our somewhat snowy morning walk, Shadow-puppy was rather excited by the collectors making the rounds with their trucks, though what he'd ever do with a truck once he caught it is beyond me! Anyway, that's what brought about this moodling...

It's that time of year when people start to clean up their yards, and our waste collectors find themselves inundated with bags and bags and bags of leaves, grass clippings, bundles of pruned branches... and much heavier and more dangerous items. May and June see the biggest spike in residential waste, and would you believe that our garbage gals and guys pick up and toss garbage weighing the equivalent of 17 to 27 smart cars into their trucks in one day? Imagine that for a minute, and then imagine what your body feels like after hoisting that many cars, one piece at a time, in a week. Then tell me that you agree with the ads I'm posting below. They're images shot from truck mounted cameras that give a small peek into what our garbage guys and gals face every day.

Today's suggestion (in three parts), taken seriously, will make our collectors' days much better: make your garbage easily accessible, keep those bags light, and safely package and label your sharp items.

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