Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A special birthday present

Several months ago, I found a little piece of paper on my desk, a quarter the size of a regular sheet of paper, with a tiny orange-inked drawing of a totem of characters invented my my youngest daughter. It was so cute that several times I suggested that I would like a larger version for my birthday.

By the time my birthday arrived on Friday, I had completely forgotten about it. I was working away out in the yard most of the day, and when I came in to see about supper, I was stopped in my tracks by my birthday present, displayed on the dining room wall:

The characters of my personal totem come with little explanations and include Marla the Mouse (even the small and shy can lead), Harry the Hippo (be a friend to all), Olly the Owl (good eyes also come from seeing good in others), Sally the Seal (accept everyone -- you never know who will end up being your best friend), Charles the Cat (we're all meant to live and love), Elly and Edward the Elephants (love is powerful and beautiful) and Terrance the Tortoise (we all need support).

I was thinking she might make me a little poster, but these friends stand more than three feet high. I love my totem, and the girl who made it for me. Thanks, Julia!

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