Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My happy place

It's a late Spring this year (my girlfriend tells me the tulips are late at Butchart Gardens, too), and a glorious day here; the sun is shining and the air is fresh but not overly so, and the potential of a new growing season is visible everywhere -- tulips poking out of the ground, buds finally starting to appear on the lilac outside my window, and jackrabbits chasing each other through the park. I felt like I could have walked all day when the dog and I went out this morning, but we had other fish to fry (our basement shower is being replaced and I had to be home to let the workman in at 8 a.m.).

So I'm enjoying my day, but in a different way. I enjoy moodling here (it's one of my favourite creative outlets) and I love gardening. I think I'll go out and knock down all the old perennial stalks so that new ones can take their places soon, and maybe later I'll post a few pictures of the shoots of spring that are poking through my leaf mulched front gardens.

But for the moment, I'll leave you with some pictures of potential -- our back garden, waiting to be planted, and the little greenhouse that Lee and I have been working on since the beginning of August, with its first crop of happy tomato plants.

Last August
This morning
There are also three pepper plants, a few leeks, and some cucumbers... and yesterday I planted some herbs and zinnias. I've run out of little pots for the moment, or I'd be starting more seeds today.

Oh well. Frankly, I feel a little spoiled! And very grateful to my hubby, Lee, for making my greenhouse dream come true!
It's nice to get a jump on gardening season, and to sit in a lawn chair among the happy little plants in the warm sunny room.

My happy place.

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