Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little Free Library update

It's been almost a year and a half since I posted a moodling about Edmonton's first Little Free Library in my neighbourhood... and I'll admit to borrowing books from it (and contributing some of my own) while out for walks with Shadow-pup during the year I discovered it.

But over the winter, I sort of forgot about it -- until last week, when my girls and I were enjoying a walk with Shadow-pup and ended up near the first Little Free Library (#4025) that made it onto the website's map in Edmonton. And lo and behold, if there isn't another Little Free Library a half block away at the Centre d'arts visuel de l'Alberta (9103 95 Ave) -- this one with French books! I love its rainbow colours!

Little Free Libraries are "take a book, return a book" neighbourhood gathering places where people can share their favourite stories. All that's needed is a waterproof home for the books like the first one that Vera, Joe and Karl built, an 'administrator' who keeps things in order, and and people who want to participate. And if the libraries are registered online, people know where to find them. I see there's one in Sherwood Park now, too; Cold Lake has one, and Calgary has 23! I suspect not all of Edmonton's have been registered with the website, as our little Francophone one doesn't show up on the map... yet.

I'm tempted to start my own... but since there are two within a fifteen minute walk of my place, it's not really necessary -- I can support them. But if your neighbourhood isn't on the map and you have books you'd like to share, it's worth a thought... It's just another wise way to keep good books out of the landfill and in the hands of avid readers. I've got three Little Free Library books on the go at the moment...

Here's a great little vid that gives you the idea in under three minutes. Enjoy... and consider the possibilities!

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