Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Simple Suggestion #214... Be childlike

We've been having a lovely autumn, mostly, perfect weather for walking with Shadow puppy. Yesterday there was a good wind, and we found ourselves at the foot of a big yellow-leafed balsam poplar at the far end of the high school football field, the kind of tree that drops big, crispy, potato chip leaves. A lady pushing a child in a stroller passed us as I was running around crazily, trying to catch one as it fell. I felt a little foolish, but I kept on trying.

The reason? Somewhere along the way, my kids came up with the idea that if you catch a falling leaf before it hits the ground, it's good luck. So I stood there, under that gorgeous yellow tree, waiting for wind gusts to pull the leaves from their moorings and bring one to me, not that I really need good luck. Shadow stood nearby, looking at me quizzically, chasing the odd leaf that bounced along the ground. The wind made the leaves' flight patterns completely unpredictable, and many near-catches were foiled by an extra gust. After 15 minutes, the lady with the stroller came back the other way, and I was still trying. I really felt foolish, but I didn't give up. Surely one of those leaves had my name on it.

The sun was warm, I was feeling a little sweaty from running so erratically, and after another five minutes I remembered the pails of produce at home waiting to be turned into salsa. So I told the tree, "Maybe tomorrow," and turned to go. As I walked home down gorgeous tree-canopied streets, I noticed a golden blur at the edge of my vision -- and, wouldn't you know it, there was a balsam poplar leaf caught in the hood of my coat!

Today's suggestion is like a few others I've made along the way (in particular #2, #32, #50, #81, and the list goes on...) -- to take the time to engage in childlike pleasures. Do something that's free fun, but not exactly necessary, just for the health of your soul!

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