Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One year of puppyhood

Shadow has been with us a whole year now, and it's been fun watching him grow up. He's changed a lot and is maybe twice the size he was when he arrived, but is still a little dog.

The little white neck-warmer that my husband converted into a puppy sweater last spring doesn't fit anymore... but Shadow is still most definitely a puppy. He loves to play, and tries to play with everything that moves, including unfortunate, grumpy old dogs who don't really remember what it's like to be a pup. He also loves to cuddle, and in the evenings will walk around the house from family member to family member until he's hoisted onto bed or chair to lounge beside the willing. He's got a pretty good life, all in all, going for two walks a day, getting two square meals, and sleeping with one daughter or the other most nights. Last week, he got a spring haircut that took Julia and me almost two hours, and we've decided that we much prefer him with short hair. He looks less like a small black bear and more like a dog. See?

Not bad for a pair of amateurs.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I'd be a dog owner, but a year in, I don't mind at all now that Julia is pulling her weight with regards to his care and maintenance. I could do, however, without the chewed up facial tissues that I find in different places! And we're forever finding stolen socks hidden behind the couch...

Here's a 45 second clip of our walk to Gallager park this morning for you all. And for me. It makes me dizzy, but I love the exuberance!

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