Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Advertising prohibited?

I just received an email from someone named Emma who claims she has a company that wants to advertise on my moodlings. If she knew anything about Voluntary Simplicity (which my moodlings espouse) she'd know that advertising is the last thing I want on my blog. Simple Moodlings will never be about promoting any sort of commercial product. It's about being self-reliant as much as possible -- about building community and caring for the planet, about being counter-cultural when it comes to consumer culture. I guess Emma doesn't realize that I'd never be one to willfully allow anything on this blog that makes people want things they don't really need.

So, sorry Emma, I'm declaring my website as an advertising free zone (except for my little side-bar invitations to read more or check out a few other interesting websites). Ads have taken over our world... by the end of a day in 2007, the average person saw over 5,000. I suspect it's many more than that now that we have Smart Phones and adSense trying to "monetize" everything under the sun.

But me? I'm not buying in, unless this sign constitutes advertising (which, I suppose, in a way, it does):

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