Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wise words from Jean Vanier during our wee break from Laudato Si

Hello, my Laudato Si Sunday Reflection friends,

It has been a very busy (and dizzy) week for me. Just so you know, I haven't forgotten about this week's Laudato Si Sunday Reflection -- I managed to read paragraphs 111 to 114 with my green highlighter marker in hand, but that's all I managed to do, and I don't like posting a half-baked reflection because on Monday I'll wish I had done a better job and want to rework it, but there won't be time. Christmas is coming and my family deserve more attention!

So rather than offer less than my best, I've decided to take three weeks for a Christmas break. Time to unplug and be present to the people I love. I promise I'll get back to Laudato Si reflections in the New Year.

In the meantime, I might post the odd little thing that catches my fancy (if it only takes a minute or two), and I'll leave you with a link to a lovely piece about L'Arche and Jean Vanier from the Toronto Globe and Mail's Ian Brown, who wrote The Boy in the Moon. Laudato Si is about caring for our common home, but in this article, Jean Vanier speaks beautifully about how we also need to keep our souls from losing hope. Click the big words below and enjoy...

And have a blessed Christmas.

Jean Vanier’s comfort and joy: ‘What we have to do is find the places of hope’

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