Friday, May 24, 2013

A video from L'Arche Canada's General Assembly

This one warms my heart on a cool rainy day. This weekend, delegates from L'Arche communities across Canada have gathered in Vancouver to remember and celebrate the last four years, and to reflect on our leadership and consider initiatives for our next mandate as L'Arche Canada. I've been enjoying little updates on the L'Arche Canada Facebook Page, and found this video there as well. L'Arche is all about people in community, and there are some very dear faces on this video, including a few that are now with us only in spirit. Our Western communities that I know best are almost at the end, but I love seeing all the faces and feeling that familial connection from Antigonish to Comox Valley. Maybe you know what I mean... if not, look up L'Arche where you are. It's worth it!

L'Arche Canada - 2009-2013 from L'Arche Canada-Communications on Vimeo.

Jean Vanier, L'Arche's founder, explains the value of relationships with those with disabilities beautifully:
It is my belief that in our mad world where there is so much pain, rivalry, hatred, violence, inequality, and oppression, it is people who are weak, rejected, marginalized, counted as useless, who can become a source of life and of salvation for us as individuals as well as for our world. And it is my hope that each one of you may experience the incredible gift of the friendship of people who are poor and weak, that you too, may receive life from them. For they call us to love, to communion, to compassion and to community.
-- Jean Vanier, From Brokenness to Community, p. 10. 

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