Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday reflection: Walking with the Good Shepherd

Today's reflection is brought to you by
Psalm 23.

You are my guide,
my protector,
my provider.

You offer me green fields after long winters,
trickling waters after frozen expanses,
and blue skies after endless grey.

You restore me completely.

You show me the path of life
simply because you are life.

When the valleys I must walk become dark,
I don't have to be afraid
because you walk with me.

You are my comfort.

Your abundant providence
is before me
when life is full of challenge and struggle;
your love surrounds me
if only I look for you.

You drench me in blessings
that overflow
so that I may share them with others
just because you love us all,
and that's the whole point!

Your goodness and compassion
are here at every moment
for me to remember
and draw upon.

For now,
I live in this beautiful world you've created,
this revelation of your love,
my whole life long.

Hold me always close to you,
O perfect shepherd.


* * * * * * *

These early days of May are among my favourite times of year, when the buds on the trees are about to pop, and there are hundreds of green shoots poking up from the ground. It's the perfect time for the 23rd Psalm and its meadows of green and still waters. Nature is just crying out to be enjoyed, and this year, with covid-19 stopping the world in its tracks, I am hoping that more Canadians are taking the opportunity to do just that.

I know that our leaders are anxious about restarting the economy and getting on with life as they knew it, but their determination to "return to normal" -- when normal wasn't exactly a healthy place to be with regard to over-consumption of the earth's resources, pollution and stress for too many of us -- strikes me as premature. If we learn anything from this time, we need to really know that the economy is not the bottom line, LIFE is. And there have to be ways to continue as a society without endangering more lives just to prop up our so-called economy. The Creator of all didn't form human beings from stardust just so we can do things and amass possessions, but we were made to be in harmony with all that is.

So rather than rush into this "restart," I encourage us all to continue with social distancing measures and all those other things that will reduce further spread of this pandemic. I am praying that we can avoid more valleys of death and continue to walk with the Good Shepherd by appreciating all that we have, sharing with those in need, and paying attention to the good things springing up all around us.  

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