Monday, May 4, 2020

A full greenhouse

Here's what my greenhouse looks like on this rainy Monday afternoon. I've run out of space to plant anything else indoors, so I'm glad that it will soon be time to move all these plants outside...

Once again, I have more tomato plants than I can grow.
Want some?

Dahlias are up in the pots against the window,
and squashes that I might get to plant in my friend Lidia's garden.

The peppers started blooming this weekend! 
Tomatoes won't be far behind.

And the petunias are ready for flower beds.

Lavatera, marigolds, clarkia and snapdragons are up, too.

But what makes me happiest is how the garden has reacted
to the 3 cm of rain we received in the last 24 hours.
My strawberry plants are looking much happier
than when I transplanted them last week!
(And I'm so glad I got to spread the straw 
before it rained so the mud stays put!)

Our tank was empty yesterday.
It's a million dollar rain, in my books.
Watching things grow is my favourite 
antidote to coronavirus worries.
And the pear tree is almost ready to blossom. 
Isn't spring grand??!!

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