Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Taizé Tuesday: Heureux qui s'abandonne à toi

As anyone who has been reading these moodlings for a few years knows, I find a lot of comfort and joy in the music of Taizé, that small ecumenical monastic community of brothers who welcome people from all over the world to pray with them on a beautiful hillside in France.

They are still praying, online these days, without any guests, every day at 12:30 pm MST (my time zone). And I'm finding that so many of their chants are perfect for the time in which we find ourselves, a time of many uncertainties and concerns. So for the next while, I've decided to give those songs space on my Tuesday moodlings.

This chant is one I've only learned since the brothers started their online prayers on March 16, after they sent home all visitors and volunteers and social-isolated themselves. If you're at all inclined to sing along, these are the lyrics:

Heureux qui s’abandonne à toi, ô Dieu, dans la confiance du coeur.
Tu nous gardes dans la joie, la simplicité, le miséricorde.

In these challenging times, what can we do but abandon ourselves to the will of the One who made the universe with all the trust we can muster? I'll post the English translation below the video. Enjoy!

Happy are those who abandon themselves to you with a trusting heart.
You keep us in joy, simplicity, and mercy.

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