Monday, February 24, 2020

Happy 20,000th birthday??

Last night, my sisters called to wish me a happy birthday. I was very confused, because my birthday isn't until May. But at some point in the past, they figured out when would be my 20,000th day of life, and today is it. Now I really feel old!

The last time I had to calculate my age in days was for a computing course in university. At that time, I was probably about 6,900 days old, and not thinking about getting old at all. But now that I have a few more years behind me, I've developed a deeper appreciation for having as many days as I do, and for all the little things that make up my every day: a steaming cup of tea and morning prayer with the dog beside me, a walk in the fresh air, daily chores, visits to friends, family and neighbours, the meals I prepare, my new job in patron services at the Winspear Centre for Music, and a warm bed with my best friend-husband at the end of the day.

So although my sisters were teasing me a little about getting old, their "birthday wishes" have given me pause to be thankful for my 20,000 days of life, and to bless God for my time here on the planet with all the people I love.

I can pray with David in the words of Psalm 21 --

You meet me with rich blessings...
I asked you for life; you gave it to me --
  length of days forever and ever...

Well, maybe not forever and ever. But no matter how many days I have lived, it's a good day to be grateful for life!

How many days old are you?

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