Saturday, December 1, 2018

Sunday Reflection: O come, Divine Messiah...

This week's reflection is brought to you
by the old French hymn,
Venez, Divin Messie.

Many hymns translated from their original language lose a little bit in translation, so I am looking at them with new eyes. In bringing this one, that English speakers know a bit differently, to prayer, I am amazed by its message. The following Sunday reflection/prayer is a loose translation of the contemporary French lyrics...

O come, Divine Messiah,
Bring us hope and save us!
You are our life!
Come, come, come!

O Child of God, do not delay;
By your presence, give joy
to our world, in its disarray.
Tell us again
of the love with which you love us;
help us all to believe in your love!
Come, come, come!

In Bethlehem, the skies were singing
of the best of your goodness --
the gift of your peace.
It's not hard to see that the world needs peace:
Everywhere, hearts are divided;
come and lead us to your reign!
Come, come, come!

You were born for us all.
May your grace, O God, save us
and dispel our fears in the night.
May your tender innocence
inspire us to live in simplicity.
Be our deliverance!
Come, come, come!


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