Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Reflection: "Who do you say that I am?"

Today's reading is brought to you by Mark 8:27.

I've never met John, 
or Elijah, 
or any of those prophets 
your disciples would name,
but I think I know you.

Your eyes twinkle
even when you're serious.

Your hands are gentle
as you touch,
and embrace.

You move with purpose
to help others, 
speaking less
and doing more.

You pray alone in quiet places.

You're all about hospitality and celebration.

You see us all as your brothers,
your sisters, your mothers.

You are a storyteller extraordinaire.

You spread your arms wide
to invite outsiders in,
and turn "insiders" inside-out.

You aren't afraid 
to call out hypocrisy.

You also notice beauty,
and truth,
and praise it where you find it.

You stand up for little ones.

You invite everyone
into your light.

You offer your suffering
so we can learn to live with our own.

You are peace, 
and hope,

You are the one
we are all called to be,
Blessed and Beloved.

Make us into you.


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