Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday Reflection: We're all God's favourites

The cover of an amazing book by Peter Spier
Today's reflection is brought to you by James 2:1-5.

We are all your children,
equally favoured by you,
who love everyone.

How we dress,
how smart we are,
the colour of our skin,
our sexuality or the gender we present as --
these things matter not a whit
in your estimation.

We are the ones who make distinctions
and judge between people,
choosing favourites
and forgetting that we are all
equally beloved.

Help us,
O God,
to know,
to feel within our bones,
that whether we are
artists or biologists,
CEOs or drag queens,
educators or farmers,
gay or heterosexual,
illustrious or jobless,
keyed-up or laid-back,
maestros or nannies,
outgoing or prickly,
quirky or reserved,
simple or technically gifted,
unbelievable or verifiable,
wholehearted or xenophobic,
yogic or zealous,
we are
through and through,
loved by you --
and meant to be loved by all.

Open us to love
all that you have created
the way you love --
without distinction.


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