Monday, September 3, 2018

Sunday Reflection on a Monday: First fruits

Today's reflection is brought to you by
James 1: 17-27.

O God,
are the source of all perfect gifts
and all generosity.

When we give,
it is your bounty that we are giving;
that we have to give is ours
because you created

All our freedom,
and talents,
are your presence in us,
meant to be shared.

We are to offer ourselves
like the first fruits of harvest
laid on your altar.

We are to give ourselves
by serving you
in those who are today's widows and orphans:
our sisters and brothers in need,
and receiving the gifts of self
that they offer us in return.

We are to be
"quick to listen,
slow to speak,
slow to anger..."
and more than hearers of your word,
but doers.

there is no point to any religion.

Help us all to share ourselves
without concern for what it costs us,
and without thought of any reward.

Doing everything and giving all
for love of you,
in love with you and your creation,
is already enough.


* * * * * 

This Sunday reflection is a bit late because it is harvest season. We picked over 60 gallons of pears this Labour Day weekend, and would be happy to share our first fruits with anyone who would like some!!! Send me an email (contact info on the sidebar) if you need an address to come and get them (bring your own container).

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