Thursday, September 13, 2018

Simple Suggestion #278... Change for Climate

With hurricanes Florence, Helene, and Isaac, and Super Typhoon Mangkut besieging different places today, and with the weather abnormalities, droughts and wildfires we've seen across our planet this summer, it's past time to do everything we can to slow climate change. I suspect those who follow these moodlings are already taking as many steps as we can to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions... but maybe there are still a few that we haven't considered. The Simple Suggestions moodled here are designed to get us thinking about ways to work, live, consume, be entertained, and travel in ways that do less harm to our planet, but there's no way I've covered every option!

Change for Climate is one of the City of Edmonton's efforts toward making Edmontonians aware of ways that we can live more lightly on our earth, for the sake of our future. For too long, we've been too relaxed about changing our living and consumption patterns, but suddenly we seem to be at a "tipping point." This isn't a future problem, it's here now. Weeks of smoky grey skies and the early snowstorm that damaged crops and tied up this morning's traffic are bringing reality home, I hope. We clearly have to do more to lessen our impact on our environment.

So today's Simple Suggestion is to check out the programs and 30 actions (and counting) suggested at Change for Climate if you haven't yet, to see what more you can do. Even if you're not from Edmonton, the ideas are applicable almost anywhere. Some are easy, others more difficult. But we can all do something.

As the video says, it's time to change for climate, before climate changes everything.

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