Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Reflection: Choices, choices

Today's reflection brought to you by
Joshua 24:15-18.

You give us so many options,
O God,
that we often don't know
whether we are coming or going.

The array of possibilities is dazzling
when we consider
whom we shall serve:

The idol of our economy?

The gods of fame and fortune?

A culture which places possessions
above people?

Those for whom personal wealth
is the only bottom line?

If we listen to the spark of life
you placed in our souls
we know,
that we need to reconnect
with your great fire.

But in a world filled with
too many distractions,
we forget the most important thing --
that you love us --
and we lose our way.

Grant that we may hear
the wisdom of our soul-spark
and respond with the people of Joshua:
"Far be it from us 
that we should forsake you
to serve other gods" 
for you are the only One
for whom life and love
are the bottom line.

Help us to choose life,
to choose love,
to choose you.


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