Thursday, November 6, 2014

5 years already!

Last week was my fifth anniversary at L'Arche Edmonton. I started October 29, 2009, working on a piecemeal basis to help my friend, Pat, who happens to be our community leader. Since then, I've done all sorts of things including answering phones, babysitting, delivering mail, filing, gathering information for board meetings, hanging art, writing stories/history, ordering take out, providing a guest room for an assistant, singing, washing dishes, watering plants... and the list goes on. It's been a lot of fun because it's so varied.

But the best thing about my job, hands down, are the other friends I've made in the past five years, those with and without disabilities. I haven't been to the office much in the last two months because I'm working on the history in peace and quiet at home with Shadow cuddled up next to me. So you could say I've been missing my L'Arche friends more than usual.

So when I went to the Community Centre for Prayer Night on Monday, it was like being welcomed home. All sorts of people came to say hello and give me a hug. Core member friends who didn't notice when I entered the room (because of the initial hubbub of a community gathering) suddenly saw me during the prayer. Their faces lit up, and they waved, though it was a solemn moment as we were remembering the 20+ people in our community who have joined the Communion of Saints.

When the prayer ended, community anniversaries were announced. My friend, Honey, gave me a hug and a rose. Being in the prayer circle with all my friends reminded me how blessed I am to work at L'Arche. It is much more than a 'job' because I am surrounded by God's best gifts -- special, wonderful, warm and loving people! The communion of saints here on earth.

Who are the communion of saints on earth who surround you?

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