Friday, October 31, 2014

Hallowe'en, sigh...

It's gotten a lot easier... but a bit sadder, too, now that my kids are older. No more costume chaos... and its resulting flurry of creativity. Less anxiety about school parties... and trick-or-treating partners. Pumpkin carving? Barely. Decoration? Not this year, unless I do it.

In the thick of hectic Hallowe'ens of the past, I'll admit that I was looking forward to this hassle-free day. But now that I'm here, honestly, I miss the fun of it all. Not that all of it was fun, but I enjoyed watching our girls in their excitement and creativity. It's always been interesting, at the least.

Costumes this year? Wayne from Wayne's World (oldest daughter), and an all-in-black assassin (youngest daughter). Middle daughter doesn't seem to be interested at all. Oh well. I guess artists, brides, gypsies, little bo peeps, mailboxes, masquerade ladies, owl princesses, papparazza, pirates, punk rockers, scarecrows, traffic lights, unicorns, witches and many others are all in the past, where our little girls live in my memory. 

Just a part of growing up.

Have a happy Hallowe'en, and if you're around little ones caught up in the excitement, enjoy!

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