Sunday, September 21, 2014

A beautiful letter on a Sunday

My heart is full of L'Arche this morning. We had such fun at our party of the half-century last night (Edmonton's celebration of the 50 years L'Arche has been in existence around the world). Almost 250 people came for a banquet, sing-and-dance-along, silent auction and dance, and it was a little piece of heaven. As we made a crazy conga line around the dance floor, wheelchairs and all, the many smiling faces made me wonder if heaven could be any more fun!

I might be able to find some pictures to add to this moodling later... but for now, I'll end it with a link to the most recent letter of Jean Vanier... His grief at losing two siblings is evident, but his faith and trust in God and his desire for unity between all people speak to my heart this morning. Maybe they will speak to yours, too.

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