Thursday, August 21, 2014

More non-violence, please

My journey into the practice of Voluntary Simplicity began with a weekend workshop entitled "Simplicity and Non-violence," led by Mark A. Burch. It focused on the meaning of voluntary simplicity and how it necessarily involves a deep commitment to non-violence. If we really want to keep our one and only beautiful planet in decent shape for future generations, we need to do our utmost to ensure that the choices we make now aren't harming the lives of others in the great web of life within which we are just one tiny part.

But human beings have become too accustomed to thinking of ourselves as the top of the food chain or the pinnacle of creation or whatever other superiority-complex phrase comes to mind... and as a result, our world is full of violence of many different kinds: social, spiritual, physical, racial, international... and on it goes. I've had my fill of it on the news lately. That's why I was delighted to run across this video of Julia Bacha, a film maker who is onto something. We need to focus on the planet's non-violent leaders and empower them wherever we can if we truly want to make a difference in a world weighed down by international media that focuses on sensational violence rather than those who are quietly making a difference and winning in more positive ways. Perhaps then the non-violent will be able to actually convert oppressors to working for the common good.

Julia Bacha says it much better than I do in this eleven-minute TED video.

How do you support non-violence in your life? In the weeks ahead, I'm going to look out for things that I can do to reduce violence by my choices... If you have any to share, I'd love to hear them! Really! (It's been a while since anyone left a comment...)

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  1. I think you might you already know about this book.


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