Sunday, July 13, 2014


After a week in Belgium because of the generosity of two dear friends, this seems a perfect quotation to share today:
Friendship is one of the greatest gifts a human being can receive. It is a bond beyond common goals, common interests, or common histories. It is a bond stronger than sexual union can create, deeper than a shared fate can solidify, and even more intimate than the bonds of marriage or community. Friendship is being with the other in joy and sorrow, even when we cannot increase the joy or decrease the sorrow. It is a unity of souls that gives nobility and sincerity to love. Friendship makes all of life shine brightly. Blessed are those who lay down their lives for their friends...
Henri Nouwen, Bread for the Journey, January 7th.
Thank you, dear Gaby and Yvonne (and Luc, Brigitte, and Dmitri). Being with you was a taste of heaven, of being loved for no reason other than who we are, your friends from Canada. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you... Most especially the beach walk and singing in the kitchen. Without your friendship and love, our family's trip to three countries in Europe this summer never would have happened. Belgische zoentjes to you all!

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