Thursday, June 19, 2014

Greenhouse update

When we started, it looked like this:

72 hours later, we had a polycarbonate ceiling...

There have been a few different steps along the way... 

like digging a heat/cold exchange system into the floor,

insulating for the cold seasons,

and starting my first tomatoes even though it was unfinished.

And now, it's almost as finished as it will get.

On the Father's Day weekend, my hubby and I finally got around to painting.
We found leftover paint pails in the basement and mixed a few together,
ending up with Banana Cream Pie, a warm yellow that I'm hoping
our plants will like. All that's left is to install a bit of lighting and re-connect
the heat and humidity sensors. Now that the tomatoes are planted outside,
the greenhouse holds only a few pepper pots (with marigolds), and we've
moved all our gardening/greenhouse materials out of the garage
and onto shelving units against the other wall of the work space.
It's wonderful to finally have the greenhouse as it's meant to be!

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