Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Spring Psalm

We had a lovely spring walk this morning. 
It reminded me of Edward Hays' Spring Psalms.
I don't think he would mind if I shared one here.

O Spirit of Life, 
not that long ago the trees around me
looked like upside down roots
dangling in the wind.
Today it looks like great green clouds have come
to nest in their longing limbs.

The spring breeze that plays in the branches
is full of the song of birds, recently returned.
As flowers lure bees and insects 
by their beauty and perfume,
so I am drawn out of doors
to smell and feel your presence.

What cathedral made by human hands
could contain the awesome majesty 
of your springtime splendor?
And Bach or Handel would be humbled 
by the music of this season's sounds
blended in harmony by your baton.

O You who delight in children at play,
may I not be ashamed to bow in wonder
as I offer, this day, my prayer and adoration
in your sacred springtime shrine.

--"A Psalm of the Shrine of Spring" by Edward Hays in 
Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim: A Personal Manual for Prayer and Ritual
(Forest of Peace Books (Kansas) 1989, ISBN 0-939516-10-1) p.111)

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