Thursday, May 8, 2014

A "shy" spring walk

Usually by the beginning of May in my neck of the woods, it's warm and trees are leafing out like mad. But not this year. We had skiffs of snow on the ground for the first three mornings this week, and my friend Kana commented, in her lovely Japanese way, "Spring is shy this year."

But it's coming... very slowly. The Sandhill Cranes flew over like they always do on May 5th, and vees of Canada Geese regularly fly overhead on their way north. Other proof lies in a few pictures from yesterday's walk with the dog. We strolled the hills around the Jewish Cemetery and Jubilee nursing home, then over to my favourite park near the high school. The street cleaners were out washing the streets so that Shadow left a few trails of wet paw prints. Not many leaves were out yet, but the pussy willows have come and almost gone, and I came upon one greening bush that is braver than the rest.

The sun was shining, the kids at the high school were having a track meet, and I predict that by Sunday morning, Spring won't be quite so shy in our city...

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