Friday, May 16, 2014

A beautiful girl graduates

There she is, our beautiful girl, just turned six, modelling a new wrist watch. Not only is she still so pretty, but she's turned into a wonderful young woman with a heart for friends and family, a ton of artistic talent, and a great sense of humour. And last night was her high school graduation ceremony, where all those of us who know her and were able to attend were filled with joy and pride at seeing her receive that diploma! She's worked hard all through school and we're sure her efforts will be worthwhile. We love you, Suzanna!

My prayer for her as she graduates is a paraphrase of the first Psalm:

She who chooses to live a significant life
is not going to take her cue
from the indifferent.
Nor will she conform to the crowd
and mouth its prejudices
or dote on the failures of others.

Her ultimate concern is doing what is just and right and loving,
and with justice and love in mind she makes her life choices.
She can be compared to a sturdy tree planted in rich and moist soil.
As the tree yields fruit, so her life manifests blessings for others....
She is beautiful, and she lives a beautiful life
not only for herself, but for those around her
because she walks in the paths God would choose for her.

God, bless our girl, and keep her always close to you!


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  1. beautifully & well said! Our good wishes & blessings go with her. Love you Suzanna!


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