Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Encounter

On Thursday morning while walking the dog, I ran into Jesus -- or someone who looked an awful lot like him. Dark of hair, eyes and stubbly beard, he was wearing grubby construction worker clothing, standing on the front step of a new home being built a few blocks from my place, punching a number into his cell phone. Seeing me, he called out, "Good morning!" and as we passed a low fence and Shadow came into his view, he addressed the dog, too, saying, "Hello there, cutie!" A moment later he was having an animated conversation with the person he had called.

I couldn't help but smile. It's not often that I pass a construction zone and am pleasantly engaged by one of the workers, which is what set me to musing for the rest of my walk about Christ hidden in the strangers we meet.

In keeping with that theme, I'll refer you to a short story of an Easter encounter that came to me a few years back, a little gift that keeps on giving in my life.

Click here.

And if you've already read my Easter story, here's a beautiful little video that has been making the rounds, but that I'll leave here for those who have yet to see it... In his day, Christ was an unsung hero, and he calls us all to find ways to share new life with others. Happy Easter!

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