Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Simple Suggestion # 198... Love a houseplant (or six...)

We all need nature in our lives. Studies have shown that just taking a few minutes to look out a window during a busy work day helps a person to relax and refocus their thoughts. So bringing a bit of nature indoors only makes sense.

Houseplants are a natural way to do this, and their presence can also improve air quality and decor. I didn't know this, but apparently spider plants and peace lilies can actually remove some toxins from the air in our homes. And though I know all sorts of people who say they have no green thumb whatsoever, most folks are capable of watering a plant or two and maybe even fertilizing them once in a while. It's just a matter of getting into the habit.

So today's Simple Suggestion is to love a houseplant, or at the very least, keep one alive. And if you're houseplant/green thumb challenged, don't give up. Keep trying. A little green is good for the soul.

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