Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Simple Suggestion #196... Support a local artisan

Displaying flower clocks.jpgMy friend Nicola, with whom I share tomato plants and who shares apples with me, has a neat little business going. She makes Geekware (click here to see more) -- basically, she recycles odds and ends from our digital age and turns them into interesting things that people might enjoy using. Yesterday, the clock that you see in this picture showed up on Facebook, and I thought, wow, how creative is that!? It's made of some mini cds and "old bits and pieces of technology lying around." If I didn't have too many clocks in my house already, I'd buy one -- such a creative idea. Hmm... I wonder if my hubby needs an office clock? So far, I don't think Nicola has these up on her website, but I think she's got a great idea there. She also has some nifty keyboard cufflinks (think monograms) and other digital gift ideas to please computer geeks.

The thing is, there are a lot of wonderful local artisans out there who are making old bits and pieces of this and that into new, useful items. I'm thinking of my cousin Cyla's baby quilts, and the folks at our farmer's markets who sell all sorts of interesting and practical odds and ends made of old bits and pieces of fabric, wire, re-purposed elevator shafts -- you name it. Then you have artisans who create pottery, paint gorgeous watercolour images, and come up with enough different, cute knitted hats to cover the heads of all the kids in our local elementary school. Plus there are the foodies -- who make jams, loaves, breads, kale chips, relishes -- again, you name it. And it's all local, so fewer fossil fuel emissions are added to the planetary cost.

I think this moodling is a sign that it's been too long since I've been to a farmers market, or snooped on kijiji for good local gifts that people will enjoy. How about you? When's the last time you supported a local artisan?

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