Thursday, February 20, 2014

Simple Suggestion #195... Enjoy the day's diamonds

Can you see the sparkles?
Shadow-dog and I are just back from a frosty walk, and it's a gorgeous day out there. Not temperature-wise if you're used to tropical climes, but beauty-wise. Yesterday we had a gentle snowfall that covered everything in diamonds of the best kind. They don't have to be mined or cut -- they just appear out of nowhere and make life glitter for a time without costing the earth a cent.

Life is full of diamonds -- ever notice? A friend of mine started this moodling in my mind by commenting on the Aurora Borealis (the prettier name for the Northern Lights) that were out early this morning when she was walking her dog. An Olympic gold for the Canadian women's curling team was another sparkling start to the day, and the story of a student basketball team manager with Down Syndrome given an honorary 2-day contract with the Philadelphia 76ers was another little diamond I found online. (Click here to see it.)

The walk Shadow and I took on a very pretty winter day is a diamond in itself, as were
the flocks of waxwings swirling in the skies above us. When we got home, the sight of the snow blocks cut out of my garden during my youngest daughter's fort making plans (that didn't quite reach fruition) made me smile. They look so pretty in the sun. The dog has a great time romping around them.

And said dog is another crazy little diamond that I managed to catch on camera, splashing through the snow diamonds and chasing his tail (I love how he always growls at it as he circles). In case you haven't guessed, anything that makes a person happy and makes life shine a little more than usual qualifies as a diamond in my books.

Where are your day's diamonds? Being aware of them is just one way to have a diamond of a day!

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