Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Shadow in the sun

Ahh, yesterday was a lovely, very spring-like day (FINALLY), the kind of day to make you feel like a frisky puppy, ha. So I took a walk with ours.

Shadow, Julia's little Havanese friend, seemed to be rejoicing in the warmer weather, too. For a change, he didn't have to wear his haute couture doggy turtle-neck sweater (designed by my husband out of an old neck warmer) that makes him look like a miniature panda bear. It's been a trick to get him to go anywhere on his leash because even with the sweater, he starts to shiver before long (though if you can get him to run beside you, he seems to forget that he's cold). Yesterday, no problem! We took two long walks.

Life with a dog is both better and worse than I expected, but Shadow is so darn cute and not all that smart yet, so there's no point in getting angry with him. He just doesn't get that he should always piddle on the pad instead of the lino, and he thinks that mud is for having fun -- which, I guess it is when you're a pup. It's not his fault that Julia lost her hold on him as they came in the back door yesterday... and he made it up the back steps, through the kitchen/dining area and all the way to the front door leaving muddy paw prints the entire way! Julia didn't even complain as she washed the floor after him while I took him to the laundry sink to clean him up.

He's even starting to let me have a decent night's sleep -- from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. without a break some nights. Shadow absolutely adores Julia, who has napped with him on one occasion, and takes him to hang out in her room on a regular basis (a nice break from his kitchen enclosure, I'm sure).

He's kind of messed up our usual routines, but he's also made us laugh, and work together in new ways. My husband and I regularly look at each other incredulously and say, "we're dog owners." But one of my great delights is watching how Lee talks to Shadow, takes him for walks, and shows a new and different sort of kindness to our newest family member.

I also delight in watching a little dog rolling in the grass on a sunny day, or strutting along the sidewalk in the sunshine like the world belongs to him.

Yes, I guess I'm officially a dog owner.


Laeli said...

He sounds like a funny little nut! And so adorable.

Dogs sure are a lot of work. When our Beans died, there was a part of me that was relieved to not have to do all that work! But then we met Claudette and there was a part of me that was happy for the new things a dog brings. I keep telling myself "no more animals" but I know better. I've never lived life without a pet.

High five on becoming a dog owner!

Maria K. said...

Right back at you. Today was a good day. I just hope Shadow gets over the car sickness thing soon.