Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting the New Year with gratitude

Darkness gives way
to a bright winter's day.
The frost on the window
catches the light.
Our home is warm
and safe from harm,
and this coming year
full of promise bright.

And this I know:
a debt I owe
to One so much greater
than I can dream.
You've kept my life
from sorrow and strife
and blessed me with graces
seen and unseen.

So this New Year
I raise a prayer
of thanksgiving
from deep within.
My soul will sing praise
for the rest of my days
that you've made me
your Christ's kin.

Thanks be to you,
All-loving and True,
as you hold us all
close to your heart.
Show us your way,
and guide us each day
in sharing
the love you impart.

Thank you, God, for bringing us to 2013. Help us to make it count.



Whew, that was a lot of writing (and not enough pictures) over the past month. I think I'll take a week's break from moodling. The 12 days of Christmas still stretch until January 5th, and I could probably come up with that many more Christmas ideas, but I'll bet you can, too, and if you want to share them in the comment box, I'd love to read them. Have a blessed 2013! I'll be back on January 8th.

Happy New Year!

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