Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simple Christmas idea #8 -- Make your own wish list smaller

Rediscover your Christmas stash...

If you clear out your closets, cupboards and hidey-holes, what are the chances that you'll find something you forgot you owned but that might be on your (or someone else's) Christmas wish list this year? Last year I rediscovered a Christmas stash of things I had intended to give as gifts the year before -- but had hidden away so well, they were completely forgotten (my memory isn't what it once was!) Or perhaps there's something you're not using that someone you know would really love to have. Why not opt out of consumer culture by passing it on? Reducing the amount of resources we're using in our gifting is better for our planet.

My Christmas wish list has gotten a lot shorter since I've realized that a new Christmas outfit every year is NOT a necessity. In fact, it's not sustainable. Just think about the strain on the planet if all seven billion people on earth bought new Christmas duds every year. Special clothing for just one day of the year or one particular party of the season is actually a crime if we consider the environment, and if we want to live in solidarity with those who are less fortunate. Dressing nicely in older styles rather than adhering to ever-changing, unsustainable fashion trends is perfectly fine. The guy whose birthday we celebrate on December 25th certainly won't complain!

Bottom line: there is no rule that says that we have to go out and buy MORE, especially if we already have...!

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