Monday, December 24, 2012

Simple Christmas ideas #24 and #25 -- Bake a birthday cake for Jesus/Serve Christmas dinner buffet-style

Today I'm sharing two simple Christmas ideas because I have something else planned for tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to you...

Whose birthday are we celebrating, anyway? Bake a cake of your favourite flavour, decorate it, and put on as many candles as you like (scripture scholars can't agree on Jesus' exact birthdate or year, and 2,008 or 2,015 candles won't fit, regardless). Sing a Christmas carol and Happy Birthday, of course! Take a piece to share with a lonely neighbour, or invite that neighbour over to share in the celebration.


Make life easier for the cook...

That's what we're doing this year. Christmas dinner is at our house, and because of the way our house is organized and the size of our dining table, supper will go more smoothly if we don't put all the food on the table. Buffet style supper makes for less work for the cook (yes, I'm a lazy sod), and for easier cleanup, too.

It's Christmas eve, and we're looking forward to 8 p.m. mass, Christmas carols, and time together as family. We wish you a beautiful, holy night.

Isn't our Christmas tree angel lovely?

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