Thursday, November 22, 2012

They've got me...

This morning, I wanted to post a little story about an adorable tiny library I discovered in my own neck of the woods... but when I tried to add pictures to my moodling, Blogger announced that my 1 GB of free photo space is full. I know that I post a lot of pictures, so I wasn't surprised by that.

What surprises me is Blogger's packages to buy more space -- and how little information there is about other options. I mean, what if I delete posts in my archives? Will that give me more space? Or perhaps I should start a new blog, simplemoodlings2, and get another GB of free space there (and lose some of my faithful followers in the process?) I'm not crazy about giving Google my credit card number.

This is a bit of a conundrum. Anyone else out there have any ideas? If so, leave me a note. I'll figure something out... but for the moment, the pictures of "Edmonton's First Little Free Library" will have to wait.

I'll keep you posted. Pun intended.


Laeli said...

That's a bummer! The idea to start a second blog is a good one in my opinion. If you post directions, so to speak, here I think your people will move along with you. I would!
Or you could delete photos here, rather than entire posts..

Maria K. said...

Thanks, Laeli, but now I'm guessing that Blogger has closed the second blog loophole already by tying my free GB to my profile. So I'd have to take an alias, which kind of feels dishonest. I think I'll probably have to pay to store pictures in the Blogger cloud. But $2.49 a month is cheaper than a lot of hobbies out there!