Monday, May 7, 2012

Things are shaping up

My farm boy husband amazes me. 
He's the hardest working guy I know.
 Here's a picture of him, back on March 11th, 
getting my tomato planters ready to go.

Two weeks later, he invented a little "greenhouse" 
for the tomato plants I started in our green room.

Below is the finished product.

See those happy tomato plants now? 

On Saturday, before I even got out of bed, the amazing man dropped our daughter off at school for a drama rehearsal and stopped at the hardware store for a load of boards to make me six raised bed planters for our garden. By one o'clock, we had picked up materials for another six raised beds. By four o'clock that afternoon, he and my dad had them put together (Thanks, Dad!), and by nine o'clock last night, they were all set up in the garden. What I thought might take us a week took him only two days! My man moved more dirt and compost around than I can believe. Just two more weeks and our tomato plants will be even happier in their raised bed boxes! 

Strawberries and onions will be living here soon,
and carrots, beets, kale and chard in the boxes to the left.
And, of course, none of this would be possible without
my amazing husband. Thank you, Lee!

Our yard has gone through huge changes since we moved in almost nine years ago. 
In a few weeks I'll post some amazing before and after pics!

International Compost Week

P.S. Happy Compost Awareness Week!!

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