Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Come, Holy Spirit...

This evening, our youngest daughter will be confirmed. Julia is an amazing amalgamation of a little girl/tomboy who wants to remain small, and a young woman who knows her own mind and wants to do her own thing. She still likes a bedtime cuddle, but she also insists upon her privacy and her space, especially when it comes to her room. She's on the verge of leaving childhood for adolescence, and tonight she will grab onto her faith for herself in the midst of family and friends.

Come, Holy Spirit,
continue to bless the child in your child
as she goes through transformations too amazing
for a mother's heart to imagine, let alone comprehend.
As she grows in knowledge, make her wise in its use for herself and others.
Give her understanding, strength and courage
as she becomes who You intend her to be.
Help her to live with a deep sense of gratitude, wonder and awe
at all the gifts and blessings You give.
Stay with her, help her, and fashion her into your love
as she stretches toward adulthood.
Please deepen her relationship with you,
fill her with your creativity in life's trials,
and guide her in all her ways.


  1. I will pray for your daughter tonight. May she be as wonderful as her mother, and wlak on paths of faith that the Spirit shows her.

    1. Thank you, my friend. I hope you are well.

  2. She sounds like my girlie just before her big transition to teenhood. Some of those traits still poke out to say hello:)

    1. Aren't we glad they don't grow up all at once?!


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