Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's fun

How many engineers does it take to open a champagne bottle?

Well, last night, it was both the ones I had on hand. We spent the evening with my husband's brother's family, and toasted in the New Year with a little bottle of champagne that didn't want to open very easily. A couple of minutes after we counted down to the New Year, Churchill Square's fireworks display appeared through the trees, so we turned out all our lights and stood in the living room to watch and listen to the reverberations. It was a lovely way to welcome 2012.

Today's fun was a beautiful walk around Fort Edmonton Park on the River Loop trail. We parked at Fort Ed and headed for the river, and the 3.5 km loop took us perhaps an hour... with a little side trip to my favourite footbridge.

Our long winter shadows... and our girls on the trail.

The Fort Edmonton Bridge

It was a perfect afternoon for a stroll, and I have to say that I loved getting some fresh air and exercise after all the food and indoor activity we've indulged in lately!

As I sit here moodling, I'm hearing a strange, buzzy little sound, like my daughter's tiny, wind-up penguin toy puttering around the living room floor... but it's our two Christmas Break guests, digging under their paper shavings. My youngest daughter brought them to stay for two weeks because her teacher has gone to tropical climes to get married, and someone needed to look after the critters. We can't remember their actual, class-voted names, so we call them French Fry and Chocolate. I'm not too crazy about them, so this is a good way to let my girls enjoy gerbils without having to keep them forever. Being nocturnal creatures, they tend to get noisier at night, so we've been doing our best to keep them awake during the day. At the moment, they're making more noise than my darling husband, who is gently snoring on the couch.

I love these lazy holiday afternoons. I hope you're enjoying a few, too. Happy New Year!

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