Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simple Suggestion #100... Count your blessings

I saved the best for last... except, guess what? This isn't actually the last simple suggestion (except on the poster, which you can access on the "About Moodlings" tab above). As I've moodled during the last 6 months or so about these 100 Simple Suggestions, other suggestions have come to me, so I think I'll keep on going with one a week until I run out entirely. Maybe there will be a second poster! I'm starting to think that there's no end to the simple things we can do to laugh, love and live more lightly on our beautiful planet.

Today's suggestion is the underpining for all simple suggestions, period. If we count our blessings and become more mindful of the abundance with which we already live, we don't need to accumulate more to keep up with the Joneses. And maybe, just maybe, the Joneses will start to wonder why we're not keeping up with them, and they'll ask questions that will lead to discussions about true happiness... and all the ways we can choose to live more simply.

And all of those ways are the blessings we can count... like our neighbours, our ability to appreciate beauty, plant seeds, bake, walk, bike, buy fair trade, make music, use a clothesline, recycle, garden... Those are just the first ten suggestions, and I'm not going to retype them all again because you can click on Simple Suggestions on the sidebar and they'll all pop up. As the old song goes...
There's bread and jam upon the shelf, mm hmm...
If you want some more, just help yourself!
From here on, I'll spend my time moodling about other things, and adding a few more Simple Suggestions as I go, maybe once a week. But first, I think I'll take a little break for a few days.

Thanks for coming with me this far. I count you among my blessings!

P.S. Looking for more Simple Suggestions? Try here.


  1. It's hard to count that high! :)
    Happy 100 to you!

  2. These have really been so great! Thank you Thank you...


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