Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Suggestion #77... Donate all books you will never read again

There are people who love to be surrounded by books, but as I live in a good sized city, when I want that, I can always go to a library. Even if I didn't have library access, I don't think I would hold onto the novels and textbooks I'll never look at again. They're not something that I want to keep around, simply because I don't like to dust more than I like to read. I also think that a book that's not my cup of tea might be something someone else will appreciate, so why not pass it on?

This morning I'll be at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul clothing room, where we have six shelves of books for adults and children. I've had some wonderful conversations with book savvy clients, and am always delighted to see people of all ages absorbed in something they find in that corner. Without donations from people willing to part with their books, that wouldn't happen.

There are plenty of libraries and used book stores, Reuse fairs and charities that accept used books. Today might be a good day to reassess our bookshelves and share the wealth!

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