Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#80 of 100 Simple Suggestions... Pack trashless lunches

My workmates are very good at this suggestion. When we meet for lunch in the Amigos room, everyone has their little reusable containers, and the only waste is apple cores, orange peels and other food scraps, which are compostable in the City of Edmonton's massive composting system.

Having a reusable lunch bag is a wonderful, simple thing, too. Mine is already four years old -- from my Master Composter/Recycler course (my undying thanks to those who offered the course, which was wonderful, by the way). Unfortunately, the logo is wearing off from so much use.

This suggestion goes back to being mindful of how the every day things in our lives add up. By avoiding unnecessary packaging and reusing resources rather than tossing them out, we're easing the burden on our planet. Consumerism dictates that much in our society is made to be disposable, but if you think about it, nothing should be. We've reached the Ecozoic Era in human existence, and we're realizing that if we don't start reducing our consumption by reusing what's reusable and recycling the rest, we'll start to run out... and our earth has enough overflowing landfills already!

Packing a trashless lunch is a simple thing, and if everyone takes similar small steps to reduce waste, it will make a big difference in the long run.

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